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Direct Referrals Neobux is a blog set up to show you the most efficient way to use trusted Paid to Click sites and get some monetary success from them. If you reached this page then you probably already know what a Paid to Click ( P.T.C. ) site is all about but here is a quick re-cap anyway:

On a P.T.C. site you as a member a paid for visiting advertisers websites/adverts/offers for a set amount of time. 

let's face it - you don't earn a lot on these sites by simply clicking your own adverts every day, you need referrals. Direct Referrals Neobux will cover a few essential techniques to get 'direct referrals' as opposed to 'rented referrals'. No Minimum Payout

Direct Referrals Neobux tip 1 - Rented and direct referrals:

Renting referrals is fine but it will require a lot of work and a well thought out plan to succeed. A lot of the time people's R.O.I. ( return on investment ) is pretty bad when they rent referrals because they are not recycling slow clickers. You must examine every statistic every day to succeed with rented referrals. Direct referrals are always a marketers/money-makers preferred choice for extra earning - they cost you nothing and often times preform much better than rented referrals.

Direct Referrals Neobux tip 2 - Traffic Exchanges:

You can use traffic exchanges to advertise your free affiliate link ( provided by Neobux and every other P.T.C. site ) but this will just take visitors to the registration page. A much better way to advertise for referrals through a traffic exchange is to build a 'splash page' or small blog outlining the pros and cons of the P.T.C. site - review the site and give your experiences to the potential referral. Advertise this 'blog' on the traffic exchanges - surf for several hours if possible to build up credits to advertise your own page - rinse and repeat!

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Direct Referrals Neobux tip 3 - Create an impressive blog:

Although this is a time consuming method it is very effective. A blog does not have to be a complete website with hundreds of pages - it can be fit onto one page ( like this blog ). What you have to do is make sure that your blog is informative and easy to follow. Offer information on the P.T.C site which is honest, don't make stuff up! Let the viewer make their own mind up through your experiences with the site.

Direct Referrals Neobux tip 4 - Active direct referrals Neobux:

You want the referrals you attract to be active referrals so make sure you site/blog is attractive and interesting. Do not boast huge earnings if you have not earned well through the site yourself - people will see right through it after signing up for a day and only earning cents, they will figure it out themselves! Having a referral for a day is no good - you want active referrals that will click for as long as possible. If people know what they are getting into they are much more likely to stay active for longer. 

Direct Referrals Neobux tip 5 - Hard work:

This speaks for itself, the more work you put in the more direct referrals you will get for any of the legitimate P.T.C. sites. Remember you can get direct referrals neobux, for Incentria, Clixsense and any other P.T.C. site with the five simple tips listed here.